ETIAS vs Traditional Visa – What differentiates the two?

Europe introduced a new system to strengthen security and regulate illegal migration. By 2025, AU citizens will have to apply for a European visa waiver to travel to Europe. ETIAS visa waiver  (European Travel Information and Authorization System) is similar to the American ESTA. A Visa waiver is a regular visa permit that allows travelers to enter Europe for a short period, although you will not have to go to the embassy or consulate to get it.
ETIAS For Australia

Who will need ETIAS?

All travelers with visa-free travel will no longer be able to travel to Europe from 2025 without ETIAS. After the expiration of the ETIAS probationary period, the law will enter into full force, including for AU citizens.

Along with Australia, countries currently enjoying visa-free travel include Canada, the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, and Japan.

What characterizes the Visa waiver program?

There are several differences between an ETIAS Schengen visa, and registering online and filling out an application is enough to obtain an ETIAS. Filling out an online application takes a few minutes. A traveler doesn’t need to go to the embassy and wait long.

ETIAS Visa Waiver will be valid for Europe for three years. That requires a confirmed ETIAS and a valid passport with which the applicant registered the application. Australian travelers who now enjoy visa-free travel will be able to enter Europe multiple times. They will have access to all 26 European countries including Monaco with the help of ETIAS. You will only need to re-apply if your passport is less than three years old.

Why will ETIAS come into force?

ETIAS’s goal is to strengthen border control. Europe realizes that avoiding terrorist threats in this way will become much more realistic.

Participating countries will share intelligence related to terrorism and other security issues. This process will make it easier for travelers to check in before arriving at the airport. Another significant advantage of the visa waiver program is the ease of application, which takes a few minutes for the traveler. Anyone can be barred from entering European countries if they don’t meet ETIAS requirements.

When will I require ETIAS?

ETIAS is not yet valid, and visa-free travel is still reasonable. Currently, citizens of 60 countries, including travelers from Australia, can enter the Schengen area only with a passport. ETIAS will be implemented by 2025. Once ETIAS comes into force, it will require all travelers traveling to European member nations.

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