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ETIAS For Australia
ETIAS For Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. From November 2025, Australian citizens must have valid ETIAS authorization upon arrival at the EU/Schengen border.

With a valid ETIAS authorization, you can stay in Europe for up to 90 days every 180 days.

No. ETIAS visa waiver doesn’t enable you to study full-time in European educational institutes, including schools and universities. You’ll need to apply for a national visa or residence permit card.

No. Much like study purposes, you must apply for a national visa or temporary residence permit card to be eligible to work in Europe.

With a valid ETIAS visa waiver, you can visit all the EU/Schengen Area countries (except Ireland) uninterruptedly for three years or until the expiration of your passport.

Please note that you must comply with the Schengen 90/180-day regulation.

Yes. ETIAS enables you to enjoy short-term visits to Europe, including leisure, business, medical needs, or visiting friends and family.