ETIAS – is a part of the Europe Common Intelligence Agency

ETIAS is an authorization system developed for countries outside the Schengen area for short-term travel to Europe. The main goal of ETIAS is to strengthen border controls, eliminate illegal immigration, and avoid other hazardous threats situations that may occur during international travel. In this way, Europe is trying to protect citizens and tourists from other countries from health and terrorist threats. The European visa waiver is developed by the European Union and will be mandatory for citizens currently using visa-free travel.
ETIAS For Australia

Europe will use ETIAS as part of Europe’s Common Intelligence Agency to help prevent terrorism-related risks. The increasing number of cases has driven this goal.

Europe Common Intelligence Agency – What does it serve?

ETIAS is considered a possible system in the Europe Common Intelligence Agency, managed by EU-Lisa’s database hosting agency. One of the ways we are actively working on decreasing such violent, menacing and illegal activities is by pre-screening all of the documents that the applicant sends. Whether it is the passport details, plane tickets, or other papers, everything is compared to the databases, which helps us ensure the safety and security of the people traveling and the people who are hosting the visitors. This way, we can identify people with past criminal activities and records.

Creating a new agency from scratch would be very problematic as this process is accompanied by the secret nature of national intelligence agencies and many political or legislative obstacles. The notion of an ordinary Europe intelligence agency and the idea of ​​pooling resources across Europe stems from disturbing statistics that European politicians believe are linked to terrorist attacks. In this way, it is appropriate to perceive ETIAS as part of the intelligence agency.

Through ETIAS, the government will have access to biometric and identifying information of citizens and travelers. The system will operate electronically and verify data from several databases simultaneously. The information received is needed to obtain a more secure level in the Schengen area and protect against imminent terrorist acts.

ETIAS for Europe Intelligence

ETIAS will allow Australian citizens (and not only) Australians wishing to travel to Europe to register online in a short period easily. This way, countries with visa-free travel will travel to Europe for short-term visits.

Applying for a European visa waiver takes 10 minutes. According to the information provided, including personal details and questions about the criminal past, the Europe authorities will verify the applicants. That will allow pre-screening for travelers wishing to enter the Schengen area. ETIAS will simplify border control and improve security in Europe.

Through ETIAS, the applicant submits personal data such as name, date/place of birth, residential address, contact details, and more. The applicant must answer safety questions that include health and travel, and criminal history.

Europe currently has no plans to use biometric data. The consulate does not require a fingerprint or an eye scan when filling out the application. In the ETIAS application process, the embassy requests travel information only.

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