ETIAS for Australians holding dual citizenship

By the end of 2025, the European Union is launching a European visa waiver program, the analogs of which exist and are very popular in the world. The program's name is ETIAS, which means the European Travel Information and Authorization System, the adoption of which was agreed upon by the European Union.
ETIAS For Australia

Under ETIAS, Australian travelers wishing to enter the Schengen area must complete several steps before traveling for various short-term purposes. It is the main thing to complete an online application that includes the traveler’s personal information, address contact information, and passport data, answering security questions, and providing information about the criminal past.

ETIAS started to protect against terrorist attacks. The current situation required more detailed work with those wishing to travel to Europe, so Europe set up a pre-screening system.

How does ETIAS work for dual citizens?

Laws and regulations governing dual citizenship vary from country to country. Due to its multifaceted composition, Europe, of course, grants dual citizenship, which means that the citizenship of one country is recognized by other European countries as well. As for ETIAS, the regulations are relatively simple. Passengers must complete an ETIAS application using only one valid passport they hold. The passport will be contacted electronically by the visa waiver, and ETIAS will generally work for Australians with dual citizenship and nationals of 1 country.

For example, suppose an Australian traveler travels to one of the Schengen countries and has dual citizenship. In that case, they should choose one passport to use during the ETIAS validity period.

Suppose the traveler is a dual citizen of Europe and a non-European country. In that case, they should know that they do not need an ETIAS application as they can enter the Schengen area using a European passport. Once implemented, ETIAS will be valid for three years, so travelers should also consider this date.

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